Web Development

Web Development

Web development is a broad term for any activity related to developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. This can include e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration. However, among web professionals, "web development" usually refers only to the non-design aspects of building web sites, e.g. writing markup and coding.

Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.


New Websites
Before we start any design we do a pre-production mock up of your company site. We find out who your target audience will be, in addition to determining the goals of your website. We then create several mock up designs for you to peruse, and upon selection we will modify the design as many times as necessary in order to make your dream site a reality. Our next step is to layout the site with your text and images. Additionally, the MD TECH TEAM is happy to provide photography services for site images. Why not check out our Website Inquiry form today for a free estimate today.

Latest Projects

  • Global Bitcoin Investors
  • Haute Couture
  • Harriott Home Health
  • Tito Guadalupe (Album Art)
  • Legal Tender Now
  • CCID Puerto Rican Parade


We offer eCommerce solutions for any type of business platform. Our eCommerce solutions will allow you to add products to your website on your own through an online administrator interface. Through the interface you may also edit product descriptions & prices, delete products, manage orders, email customers with order information, collect product reviews, and much more. We use the latest technologies from Zen-Cart, OS-Commerece, and Virtuemart. All are industry leaders for eCommerce development and our staff is expertly trained in each application.

Content Management
Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular web design software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

We welcome the redesign of exiting websites large and small. With the ever increasing growth in new web design technologies, chances are if your site was designed over two years old, it needs a redesign. What better way to recreate interest in your website then giving it a facelift with added features.

Photography Services
We also provide professional photography services and can purchase stock photos for your website. Our photographer takes digital pictures that can be touched up with ease in photoshop and used for any web or print application. Photography is usually done in half or full day photo sessions. If you have a picture in mind that can not be photographed, let us know and we will find it in our stock photography library, or in an outside stock library web site.


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