Merchant Processing

Merchant Processing

Are you currently using PayPal or Square to accept online payments?  Did you know there is a more cost effective solution?  If you were like us, you probably are and you probably didn't know there was a better way. 

We found the better way!  I mean let's face it, if you are new to accepting online payments you really don't know the difference.  We certainly didn't, we were just happy to offer a better solution to our clients by accepting credit cards.  We found out very quickly that their (Paypal and Square) transaction fee's add up pretty quickly. 

Bluepay showed us the way! After sitting with Travis (Bluepay's Account Executive) he showed us how we can not only save money on our transaction fee but how we can integrate their payment solution right onto our website.  We got sooo excited by this that we decided to partner up with them to offer our clients the same experience and solution.

The MD TECH TEAM will provide you the best, most user-friendly, and seamless integration to online payment processing.  We found that most merchant processors are good at getting your business but when it comes down to integrating the payment gateway into your web site, they have no clue or their web team gives you the runaround on a solution.  

We will install and configure your payment page, even secure your website for the first year for FREE*!  If you are interested in accepting online payments, saving money or would like a more professional way of collecting payment, fill out the form below and we will walk you through the whole process.

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*Must qualify with monthly minimum volume.

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